About Lionel Wolberger

Lionel Wolberger Architect

Lionel Wolberger is architect of Emmett Global, a founding partner of Respect Network, and a multidisciplinary scholar, engineer, and musician who has published on digital security, computer-based visualizations, and the role of music in rational discourse. An expert in information systems security, he worked for many years on video technology integration and testing, leading delivery teams that enabled systems for American companies such as Cox, MTV, News America Marketing; European companies such as QVC, Get, Voo; and many other enterprises in India, China and elsewhere. He is also an award-winning educator, composer, musicologist, consultant on web technologies, and founder of web-based communities such as the Tensegrity Wiki.

It is in his work as architect of Emmett Global that Lionel, along with his partner Kenneth Lefkowitz, built an organization and a set of solutions that truly embody the Privacy by Design approach. Emmett, the Hebrew word for "truth," seeks sensible, simple solutions to today's complex personal data problems. With privacy baked in from the start, Emmett's products such as the Web Pal and Personal Cloud Provisioning, define a middle path between personal sovereignity preservation and social sharing of data for the collective good. Emmett's compelling vision of personal data with CANDOR-an acronym for Consent, Attribution, Notification, Dignity and Ongoing Remuneration-along with its unique focus on Not For Profit groups such as Customer Commons, enables people and organizations to move forward towards more private, dignified solutions that celebrate our humanity while valuing our varying perspectives on private and social life.

Lionel earned a doctorate from Wesleyan University and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. With a passion for innovation and an ability to make the complex simple, Lionel's unique vision is informed by his accomplishments in music, science, and technology, and he harnesses this vision in the service of powerful innovative insights that create products, motivate teams, and achieve the unexpected.

For more information see Crunchbase or contact us at emmett@emmettglobal.com.