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The word "Emmett" means "truth" in Hebrew. So here is the simple truth:

  • + Our company was created to protect privacy and enable dignity.

  • + Our products enable interaction while doing the above.


So this is what we do: We enable "CANDOR," an acronym for:


  • + Consent: We use your data only with your meaningful consent. A click on a long, unreadable legal license does not constitute meaningful consent.

  • + Attribution: If you wish your name or data to receive credit or attribution, we will do so. If not, we won't. We will make the difference very clear.

  • + Notification: You are notified clearly and simply about how your data is used.

  • + Dignity: Your data is part of you, so we treat it with the dignity we accord to fellow human beings, and our use shall not violate that dignity.

  • + Ongoing Remuneration: When your data generates value, you shall participate in that value.


We work hard to prevent any unwanted tracking, surveillance, and any other undesired or unexpected observation. We will never sell your data or use it in any way that violates CANDOR.


We are also very practical--keep in mind that the web cannot be fixed in a day. So we ask for your name and email, and use it only to communicate with you. We use standard tools for website operation. We are currently using Google Analytics. None of these techniques are here to violate your CANDOR or dignity.


Want us to delete any data we have about you? We will do so as quickly as possible. Please give us 30 days to complete the process, it won't take longer than that.


And that's the truth.


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